Beccy’s Global Kitchen at The City Gallery Friday 27th September MENU

The fabulous Dena has given me permission to take over her cafe at The City Gallery for the day. I’ll be serving a selection of my favourite vegetarian and vegan dishes.

On the menu
Virgin Mary Soup (VE)
Roast Beetroot, Feta and Puy Lentil Salad (V)
Patatas Bravas (VE)
Carrot Falafal (VE)
Spanish Tortilla (V)
Served individually or your selection as a mezze with local leaves and bread

Something sweet
Scrummy Brownies with Plum Sorbet (VE)
Serving on into the evening so bring a bottle of wine and relax with some gorgeous food.

The gallery is a little haven tucked away off the main drag of Nottingham city centre next to The Works Bookshop, 14a Long Row, Oriel Chambers Courtyard.


Ugly fruit and veg

According to the sources from this article that appeared in The Guardian today, on average 5kg of food waste throw away per household each week? Just WHO is throwing this amount of food away? I can honestly say I am not aware of ANYONE who can afford to be that decadent, whilst I have to be very strict about the food I serve to my customers (in which case I order smartly and produce the absolute bare minimum of waste) at home my boyfriend has to persuade me at times that some food may be past is best and should be consigned to the bin.

Another point raised in this article is that fruit and veg deemed too ugly is rejected by the supermarkets because apparently we don’t want ugly fruit and veg spoiling the decor in our homes for the brief period of time it occupies space before it is eaten or cooked then eaten.

Who is this decision maker? They certainly do not advocate for me. I couldn’t to be frank, care less if the parsnip I am about to soup is extra knobbly. I may get a bit irritated that it is only slightly cumbersome to peel. This simply demonstrates my lack of patience and I have never told a supermarket/shop/grocer that I must have the straightest, smoothest most beautiful parsnip in the world or I will simply refuse to buy it.

How on earth is this beauty benchmarked anyway?

I am tired of being told that as a ‘consumer’ I want my fruit and veg a particular way or not at all, as if somehow the apparent ugliness of the food would upset the colour scheme in my kitchen and be responsible for the failings in my life.

Stop telling me what I want, I know my own mind thank you very much!

Urban Safari @Sneinton Market 21st September

It’s all happening at Sneinton Market!
Join Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust at a special celebration of city wildlife!  Special stalls from 10am -2pm.  The Wildlife in the City team are leading family activities in the marquee on Sneinton Market, as well as at Stonebrige City Farm, Green’s Mill and Colwick Woods West View.  The Urban Safari walks head out from Sneinton Market @ 11.15am and 2pm.

Also – our favourite Rummage Lounge – fill a cabin case with your unwanted items, sell them & keep your money!
Investigate the Sneinton Market Wifi project.
Nottingham Fixers will be joining us again. Get your fix on, learn how to do it yourself and save yourself cash monies 🙂

On the menu from Beccy’s Global Kitchen ( local ingredients from the amazing Ecoworks)

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup with Sage Bread
Plum and Almond Tart

See you there 🙂 x

St Anns Allotment Harvest Celebration Sunday 22nd September

Looking forward to serving food at this beautiful and historic allotment site!

Spicy Squash Soup with Sage Bread
Beetroot Curry with Chappati and Gujarati Carrot Salad
Plum and Almond Tart
Locally sourced ingredients from Ecoworks Nottingham and foraged from the allotment site!Image

Menu for Saturday 14th Spetember

Homity Pie Beccy's Global Kitchen

Homity Pie Beccy’s Global Kitchen

I’m more organised this week. The menu has been decided!

It’s Heritage Day at Sneinton Market on Saturday 14th come hang out in the vintage lounge and get your knit or sew on!

In homage the menu from Beccy’s Global Kitchen has a traditional English flavour this week;

Leek and potato soup (vegan)
Homity pie (made with Colwick Cheese)
Lemon curd tarts

Dressing up optional but will be appreciated! X