Ugly fruit and veg

According to the sources from this article that appeared in The Guardian today, on average 5kg of food waste throw away per household each week? Just WHO is throwing this amount of food away? I can honestly say I am not aware of ANYONE who can afford to be that decadent, whilst I have to be very strict about the food I serve to my customers (in which case I order smartly and produce the absolute bare minimum of waste) at home my boyfriend has to persuade me at times that some food may be past is best and should be consigned to the bin.

Another point raised in this article is that fruit and veg deemed too ugly is rejected by the supermarkets because apparently we don’t want ugly fruit and veg spoiling the decor in our homes for the brief period of time it occupies space before it is eaten or cooked then eaten.

Who is this decision maker? They certainly do not advocate for me. I couldn’t to be frank, care less if the parsnip I am about to soup is extra knobbly. I may get a bit irritated that it is only slightly cumbersome to peel. This simply demonstrates my lack of patience and I have never told a supermarket/shop/grocer that I must have the straightest, smoothest most beautiful parsnip in the world or I will simply refuse to buy it.

How on earth is this beauty benchmarked anyway?

I am tired of being told that as a ‘consumer’ I want my fruit and veg a particular way or not at all, as if somehow the apparent ugliness of the food would upset the colour scheme in my kitchen and be responsible for the failings in my life.

Stop telling me what I want, I know my own mind thank you very much!


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