Beccy’s Global Kitchen has a new home!

Yes! I have a cafe! I’m going to be based at AEDA Arts Academy in Hockley. I’m going to miss Sneinton Market but this is a very exciting opportunity arriving at a serendipitous moment and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

We open on Monday, it’s all happening super fast so there will be more details to follow.

You can expect great coffee and excellent vegetarian food in a beautiful space in town.

Come and see us!



Nottingham strEAT Bistro Saturday 2nd November


Beccy’s Global Kitchen is super excited to be cooking at the strEAT Bistro, as part of the Nottingham strEAT event running from 1st-3rd of November!

On the menu

Starter:                 Panner Tikka

Main:                    Vegetable Kofta with Chappatti and Guajarati Carrot salad

Dessert:              Chai Spiced Chocolate Torte

The StrEAT Bistro will take place in the Lace Market Square on Saturday 2nd November – 7pm til 10pm. There will be seating under the marquee, a bar provided by Flipside Brewery serving a selection of Real Ales, and entertainment from Nottingham based promoters I’m Not From London.

You can pre-book for a package that includes;
3 course meal
Reserved Seat

You will also be able to come on the night to try the wonderful food, however, access to the marquee will be subject to capacity and will be strictly for over 18’s.

You can pre book your package and secure your seat in the marquee online through the Tiger Shop, telephone to make a booking with your credit card (please email us first) or visit the info stand at Nottingham StrEAT.

I love good food but you can’t beat chips!

I recently completed a food Q and A for The Nottingham Evening Post, here it is in all it’s glory!

AROMAS of delicious homemade curry, leek and potato soup or French gallettes waft from Beccy’s Global Kitchen at Sneinton Market.

Beccy Spurr, who set up the business after quitting her office job, has become a familiar face to customers who enjoy different flavours of the world cooked here in Notts.

  1. Zest for food:  Beccy Spurr, of Beccy's Global Kitchen.

    Zest for food: Beccy Spurr, of Beccy’s Global Kitchen.

Vegetarian Beccy, who lives in Sherwood and works out of a rented kitchen in St Ann’s, says she is in love with food.

“Whether I’m cooking, losing hours day-dreaming over recipes, or ranting about poor vegetarian options in restaurants, it’s never far from my heart,” she confides.

Favourite restaurant in Notts and why?

One that is no longer here. It was Squeek. They served excellent vegetarian and vegan food. It was a treat to be able to go to a restaurant and know that you would have difficulty selecting what you wanted because there were lots of gorgeous dishes to choose from. Now my “go to” restaurant is Desi Downtown at the bottom of Hockley which sells delicious Indian food. Dal Lobia is happiness on a plate.

Best for a romantic meal?

I don’t think I have ever gone out for a “romantic meal” in Nottingham – is that really sad? I like to cook for my beau. Planning and cooking the menu, taking the time to think about what he would like is part of the romance for me. Once, after a long and tiring day, my lovely boyfriend met me from work with a take-out from Desi Downtown and some proper cider. We cycled along the canal and found a pretty spot. Just him and me (and the midges), some of my favourite food, that was pretty romantic!

A laugh with friends?

The Kiosk, in Sherwood – it’s an unusual venue. The restaurant is a converted shipping container, a great space to hang out with your friends. Beth’s exquisite menus cooked with care make me salivate.

And the kids?

The Family Cafe, in Sneinton, has awesome food made with love and enthusiasm by Marsha.

Best pub grub in Notts?

Annie’s Burger Shack, at the Navigation Inn. Annie is a genius, her burgers are sumptuous and offered with a mind-blowing variety of fillings. I can’t wait to dive in every time.

Favourite takeaway food?

There is a trailer selling paneer tikka wraps on Clinton Street, prefect for eating on the hoof, they taste divine.

Live to eat or eat to live?

Live to eat. I want to be more laudable and say the other way round but quick scrutiny of my eating habits affirms the latter.

If I had to recommend a restaurant to a really fussy eater I would suggest….

Call ahead and see how you can be accommodated. I don’t think that I am particularly fussy but I have been left hungry, disappointed, even cross at times by the lack of choice. So ring ahead or call me and I’ll come round and cook for you!

Most memorable meal (anywhere) and why?

Afternoon tea at the Ritz. My wonderful sister, Joy, took me there for a birthday treat and it was heaven. The decadence of the surroundings, exquisite service and fabulous cakes made it such a wonderful experience. I felt spoiled and pampered, an experience I would recommend. It isn’t cheap, it is ostentatious, but it is also wonderful.

Hungry and needing food quickly, I’m most likely to….

Eat chips, I love chips. There is an elegant simplicity to fried potatoes that no other food can match.

Fondest/worst childhood memory of food?

My mother was a fantastic cook, her Sunday roast was second to none. I still haven’t found anywhere that does it better. That said, I was an ungracious little madam and the one occasion I was presented with liver is a memory that haunts me now. I am afraid that I made the most bad-mannered dramatic display of displeasure by spitting it out. In the petulance of my youth, I thought I was being clever. Now I am an adult, I know how having your hard work unappreciated feels. I am sorry, mum!

What do you enjoy cooking at home?

Indian is a firm family favourite. There are so many delectable dishes I could happily spend the rest of life cooking and eating the cuisine. Each dish has a heady array of spices and a wondrous choice of accompaniments. Indian cooking is a great way to turn seemingly humble ingredients into a delightful feast. I enjoy rustic Italian dishes, awash with garlic, good olive oil, basil and tasty tomatoes in season, designed to make you feel good about life and contemplate what a pleasure food can be.

Cookery book… or make it up as you go along?

A mixture of both. I like starting out with a recipe and then going off-piste depending on what is in the cupboards and the other recipes I have been pouring over all day.

Favourite celebrity chef and why?

Rick Stein, although I suspect this has something to do with the fact I am hooked on Rick Stein’s India. He seems like a lovely man who you could talk to for hours about how amazing food is. It would, however, be churlish of me not to mention Madhur Jaffrey, the goddess of Indian food.

The food I would never touch is….

Celery, a food that burns more calories to consume it than you intake. It does have a taste and it is awful. The devil’s own food!

The best comfort food?

It’s hotly contended between chips and tiramisu. I won’t choose – both!

To me the most important thing about food is (provenance, taste, food miles, ethics, organic, cost, British?)

Taste every time, for me, opting for taste encapsulates provenance, seasonality, ethics and food miles.

My last meal would be….

I would like to say something unusual or expensive but I suspect it might be chips. As it’s my last meal, let’s push the boat out and wash it down with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon and tiramisu for dessert. I would depart this mortal coil a contented lady.