Cafe Open. Today’s Menu Wednesday 18th December at 12.30pm. Food Quiz!

Happy Humpday food fans! Now we are getting onto the swing of the week. I hope that you are getting the Christmas shopping done with six sigma like efficiency, if that is your bent, or like me feeling pretty smug for not  being caught up in the insanity of it all! Bah!

We are based on the 2nd floor of AEDA Arts Academy at the bottom of Hockley. Come and say hi! We are packing free WIFI and I keep forgetting to mention that the lift is working, for those who find the stairs a challenge you can be transported by magic (or physics and engineering, depends how you look at the world) straight into my café.

Today’s Menu
Virgin Mary Soup and Bread (Vegan, spicy, healthy, warming tastiness) £3
Cauliflower and Lentil Curry (Vegan curry loveliness) £4.50
Banana Flapjack (Vegan, gooey and lush) £2.00
Cardomon Victoria Sponge with Rose Cream (sinfully delicious, you can burn the calories off pre-emptively by using the stairs!) £2.50

After you have honoured your appetite with something tasty and nutritious, check out the photography exhibition curated by The City Gallery work by local artists Alex Kocan and Mervyn Mitchell.

I am looking for a buddy to join me on a new  Channel 4 food quiz (message me if you are interested in teaming up!)

Can you rustle up a feast from a limited larder? This could be your chance to shine on an exciting new food quiz for Channel 4.

Plum Pictures is looking for teams of two to apply to take part in a brand new food quiz.

In each episode, two teams of two people will compete against one another in a game of knowledge and cooking skill.

Quiz rounds will win you ingredients to cook with; answer correctly and you could win a prized ingredient. Answer incorrectly and you might end up with an undesirable ingredient. Once all the ingredients have been won, it’s up to each pair of contestants to create and cook a tasty dish with whatever they’ve won.

The show is open to both home cooks as well as seasoned professionals.

If you think you have the knowledge or the cooking skill to come out on top then we want to hear from you.

For more information and an application form, email:


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