Suffering a cheeseover and January detox

I don’t know about you but I have had my fill of cheese now, having shunned the typical festive feast in favour of gin and a selection of cheeses for several days, my liver is groaning whispering to me ‘why do you hate me so, all I do is try and filter out the toxins in your body and without warning you dump a mother load expecting me to keep up’. My digestion is sluggish and those pesky migraines are threatening to return. Although I lack a level of self control, I do know when I can take no more. I am now craving salad and winter greens, fresh juices and fruit. I wish to be in India right now practising daily yoga on the beach, eating a wonderful Indian breakfast of freshly baked paratha, with yoghurt, lime pickle and the nectar of the gods – fresh watermelon juice. As I cannot be there I can do my best to recreate this paradise. So yoga in the living room and all the detox recipes I can lay my hands on. January in the cafe will be made up of the best tasting of these.

Those of you that know my food, know how important, indeed the most important of everything is the taste and enjoyment of it, the recipes selected will embody this so eating the food will be as enjoyable as the benefits on our festive weary bodies.

Of course we can start helping our bodies now. A very simple tip to help your liver survive the continuing onslaught of the next few days. First thing in the morning before anything else, have a hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, this will help flush out your liver and give a quick vitamin c boost to kick start your day.

Try to give your digestion a break by either incorporating a couple of raw components or having at least on raw meal a day, this doesn’t have to be complex – a gorgeous but simple salad with courgette and carrot ribbons, pomegranate seeds and winter leaves (perhaps zhused up with raw grated garlic and ginger)  with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice will do. Your tummy will feel happier and as it’s less occupied with digestion of super rich/fatty foods, you will also feel a boost of energy.

Take care and continue to enjoy festive fun with your nearest and dearest. See you in January for a healthy detox start to 2014!

Much love x


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