Cafe Open Tuesday 7th January 12.30-18.00. Today’s Menu

Happy Tuesday! Well I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling more energetic after giving my insides a cuddle by eating some super fabulously healthy food. I woke up before the alarm (not completely unusual for me as I don’t sleep all that well) and jumped straight out of bed ready to take on whatever Tuesday is going to throw my way.

Really pleased that my first working week of 2014 started with a someone booking Beccy’s Global Kitchen for a catering job on Friday. The focus for the next 3 months is making my work sustainable. I don’t want to go back to an office job or to work for anyone else, so to build on a positive start and onwards to victory.

One of the difficult things to deal with when you are a small business owner is how to get time off (what I hear you cry, you have just had two weeks holiday!) I have to go to Brighton next week and was faced with a dilemma. Do I pay someone when I can’t afford to or close and risk losing business altogether? Thinking of it another way, there are some great self employed chefs out there, who have a similar ethos when it comes to good food, so the third way is GUEST POP-UPS. More info on the ladies who will be covering and the tasty delights they have to offer to follow. I promise you are in for a treat.

The smoothie served in the café today is made with beetroot that has properties to cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and is a source of iron. The smoothie itself tastes sweet and full of vitality. I am enjoying it immensely, even with my most hated food stuff in it – the dreaded celery!

Today’s Menu

Smoothie of the day – In The Pink (beetroot, celery, avocado, strawberries, celery, lemon, coconut oil, apple) £2.50
Spicy Spinach Soup with bread  £3.00
Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Salad with beetroot hummus (herby and tasty) £4.50
Frozen Banana Truffles £2.50 (okay so there is some chocolate in this recipe, it’s dark chocolate though and we know that is good for us, right?)

We are based on the second floor of AEDA Arts Academy, don’t be shy come up and say hi. If the stairs are too much we have a lift too!

Dont forgot to check out the photography exhibition curated by The City Gallery work by local artists Alex Kocan and Mervyn Mitchell.


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