Cafe OPEN Today Saturday 11th January 09.00 – 15.00. Today’s Menu

Ooops bit of a false start this morning! Open now and ready to serve you!

Today we are giving love for tomatoes, widely know for their anti-oxident content and lycopene rich and are reputed to be a great anti-carcinogen. Unlike many vegetables where the cooking can destroys the nutrients, lycopene increases in concentration when tomatoes are processed. The cooking of them helps the digestive tract to absorb the lycopene. According to one preliminary study, eating tomato paste for 3 months decreases sun damage by UV radiation by 30% through the action of lycopene (more info here)
Store these bad boys at room temperature, chilling them impairs the flavour. Soup them, juice them, chop a few up to have on the side, don’t settle for supermarket salad tomatoes they are watery and pretty flavourless. Search out heritage varieties if you can, or even have a go at growing your own. Tomatoes are at their perfect best when picked straight from the vine.

Today’s Menu
Virgin Bloody Mary Soup with locally made sour dough bread from Bake Off and Pie £3.00
Dhal and Rice £4.50
Banana Bread £1.50


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