Cafe OPEN Today Monday 13th January 12.30 – 18.00. Today’s Menu

Morning! I hope Monday is finding you well and up for the week ahead.

Later this week, the fabulous Dena Smiles and Samantha Burke are taking over the café. Dena will be there on Friday, opening until late serving delicious raw and vegan food. Sam will be there on Saturday dazzling you with her incredible gluten free recipes. Do try and visit while they are there. Their food is simply wonderful

Let’s talk about the ‘mother of all grains’ Quinoa. It’s protein content is about 18% (very high) for a plant-based protein source. It is a complete protein meaning that it contains all 9 amino acids, known as essential aminos because the body cannot make on its own, and they must be taken in through diet.  Quinoa’s composition includes essential amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and iron. A brilliant store cupboard number ideal for vegetarians.

Today’s Menu
Beetroot Soup with locally made olive bread from Bake Off and Pie £3.00
Mexican Black Bean Quinoa £4.50
Raw Chocolate Cheesecake £2.00
Detox Lemon and Ginger Drink £1.00
Breakfast Berry Smoothie £2.50


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