Cafe closed until Tuesday 21st January. Cheapskate social. New opening times next week.

Morning lovelies, how is Thursday finding you? I unfortunately have woken up with a fever and feeling very grotty 😦 a timely reminder that we should take extra care of ourselves when under stress. So I will be tucking into garlic soup and hot toddies to pep me up. Garlic soup was introduced to me by a French friend of mine, it is the perfect thing when you are feeling ill. Sweat some chopped onions and garlic, add in vegetable stock and simmer for ten minutes, then the magic part. Peel as many raw garlic cloves as you think you can handle and throw into the bubbling health. Gerrit down ya and start to feel a warming garlicky glow of goodness making you feel better from the inside. Hot toddies are probably not quite as magical as garlic but they do make you feel hugged from the inside. Boil some water, squeeze in some lemon juice, grate a bit of ginger then add a splash of your favourite spirit, I tend to go for whiskey myself, but it’s up to you.

Yesterday saw the cafe buzzing with a lunchtime social from the cheapskates lunch meet up group. Pictures to follow when my head isn’t full of fluff! It was great to see a bunch of people come together to eat, some of them hadn’t met before. Everyone was happy with the food and I was happy to feed them!

Next week we will be opening from Tuesday-Saturday closing Sunday and Monday. Hours will be Tues-Fri 12.30-6 and Saturday 9-3 and the evening is available to bookings for parties of 4 or more.

Take care. Til Tuesday! x


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