Cafe OPEN Saturday 25th January 09.00 – 15.00. Today’s Menu.

Hangover Saturdays! On the back foot a little bit, but we’re getting there! I’m feeling especially smug as I have been out drinking twice and still haven’t smoked. Being out with fellow smokers is absolutely a trigger so I am feeling like I have definitely got somewhere with this.

Don’t forget – Lindyhop Social tomorrow, if you have never been to Lindyhop before and have always fancied giving it a go, come along everyone is welcome. More info here or drop me a line.

Today’s Menu
Tomato and Dill Soup with bread £3.00 (vegan)
Kale Pesto and Spaghetti (vegan) £4.50
Detox Green Health Smoothie £2.50
Chai-Tea Scented Fairy Cakes £1.00
Detox cucumber refresher (cucumber, mint, lemon juice) £1.00

We are based on the second floor of AEDA Arts Academy, don’t be shy come in and say hello, you will find a warm and friendly greeting awaiting you!

Oh yes! A collection of fine photographs taken by local artist Ben Rawson is now on display in the academy. Do come and check it out.

Takeaway is available. Short on time? Please call your order through on 07789917429 and I will have your order ready at your preferred time.

If you have any specific dietary requests please let us know and we will do our best to make you something fabulous and tasty


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