Cafe OPEN Tuesday 4th February 12.30 – 18.00. Today’s Menu. LED Roller Disco

Tuesday here you are again! I hope that now January is behind you, that you are settling into 2014 and making it work for you. I know that a lot of people have been going through a really rough time lately so I hope you are looking after yourself and not giving yourself a hard time with the ‘shoulds’. I have an endless subconscious conversation with myself telling me I should do this, I should do that, shut it I say! If I want to sit in my onesie watching Masterchef, then that is what I am going to do (thanks Marsha for the pep talk)! Although it’s also important to make sure that isn’t all I do. It’s all about balance. And of course eating great food 🙂

We are based on the second floor of AEDA Arts Academy at the bottom of Hockley, don’t be shy come in and say hello, you will find a warm and friendly greeting awaiting you!

Today’s Menu
Syrian Red Lentil Soup (Shurbat Addes) £3
Mujadara (Rice, Lentils and Caramelized Onion Pilaf) with cucumber salad and yoghurt £4.50
Dutch Baby (oven baked pancake with sautéed apples and cinnamon) £2.00

Sneinton Market Light Night Fringe Event Friday 28th February 17.00-2300 is going to be awesome, there will be music, great food (yes, Beccy’s Global Kitchen is there!) Bunker’s Hill are providing a real ale bar, City Arts are curating a lantern parade with participants from Sneinton and St Anns who will meet up on the square. The crowning glory of all of these events is a roller disco, we are crowdfunding to pay for this as we are a community group with big ideas but no money. Please even if you can chip in a quid it all helps, we really want to make this happen and have loads of people skating around the square. There is also an LED workshop to teach you how to TRON-ify your disco outfit this Thursday 6pm at Nottingham Hackspace in Roden House, Sneinton. £3 gets you the knowledge and the lights!

A collection of fine photographs and greeting cards created by local artist Ben Rawson and Alex Kocan is now on display in the academy. Do come in and check it out.

Takeaway is available. Short on time? Please call your order through on 07789917429 and I will have your order ready at your preferred time.

If you have any specific dietary requests please let us know and we will do our best to make you something fabulous and tasty


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