Hola lovely people, it’s been quite a summer! Popping Up @STAAltd @Cobden_Chambers #kickleftlion

I’ve not posted for a while, lack of internet and computer access is an quite an obstacle in this digital age not least because I am deprived of my most favourite procrastination activity (loosely disguised as work) scouring the depths of the internet for recipe inspiration! As I’m currently ‘popping up’ rather than being based in one place it’s been difficult to let you know where we’d be. Never the less it has been a good summer of festivals and events plus trying to find work to supplement my income in the leaner times. My personality type is much more grasshopper than ant so I do have a tendency to get distracted by the pursuit of summer fun! Being self-employed is a blessing and a curse, the freedom is wonderful but the lack of financial security is at times stressful. Those days when you wake up in the morning with a sense of dread and the most occupying thought is about how you are going to find the money to pay whatever bill that is urgent this week. Certainly as I’ve been battling depression and an eating disorder (I know, I’m a chef, I understand how ridiculous that is!) these last ten months have been incredibly testing. I have learned a helluva lot, particularly about living on nothing and asking for help which I am getting better at. Life is much easier when you have people to collaborate with. I realise I constantly brain dump the tangential thoughts that zigzag endlessly through my mind and it’s been useful to have people around as sounding boards instead of me just talking to myself! It helps me get my candy-floss scatter brain in working order.

After a good break away and an unexpected aura cleaning (those that know me well are aware of how sceptical I am about such things,  whatever happened it was quite a powerful experience) I’m ready to be a bit more ant like and get my working life on a productive tip. I’ve been in talks with some awesome people about a venue, working co-operatively with other groovers in Nottingham. As this brilliant plan unfolds, you will be the first to know!

Last Saturday we were really pleased to host a hen party at the gorgeous Dezigne in Hockley. Everyone enjoyed the fabulous food, relaxed and happy atmosphere plus the opportunity to indulge in a little retail therapy on a Saturday night. It’s great when the people you are looking after have a wonderful experience and partnerships benefit all involved. If you are thinking of having a party and would like a special tasty vegetarian/vegan menu please get in touch, we’d love to cook for you!

Coming up this weekend we were really pleased to be asked back to St Anns Allotments for their Harvest Day, if you haven’t yet visited their heritage allotment site then this Saturday 6th is the perfect opportunity. There is an incredibly diverse range of fruit and vegetables grown there and it simply feels like a magical world far away from the city despite it’s location in the heart of St Anns. We will be cooking up sexy vegetarian and vegan soups from allotment produce, there will be guided tours of the allotments, plus craft sessions, drumming workshops and I hear tell of Morris Dancing which I am particularly excited about! It’s on between 11.00 and 16.00 and the site is accessed via Ransom Road. The Blue Bus line from the city centre (40, 41, 42, 45) will get you there.

You will know that we have a particular soft spot for Cobden Chambers in the heart of the Creative Quarter and we will be Dressing up in our best vintage finery to serve hot delicious food on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st  of September 10.00-17.00 at The Vintage Reclaimed Fair. There will also be a tea party, a fabulous selection of vintage and antiques to peruse and purchase, retro music and an opportunity if you haven’t already, to peruse the beautiful shops in the terraces. Cobden Chambers is based in the courtyard off Pelham Street next to The Bodega

 One last thing for now the legends of Nottingham Culture Left Lion are running a kickstarter campaign to take their publication monthly. As far as we are concerned it is the only thing you need to read to find out what is happening and worth doing in hood town. For a bargain price of £200 I will come to your house cook a stunning five course dinner for you and 5 friends and do the washing up. It would make a fabulous birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, ‘just because you are awesome’ present. All that plus the additional bonus of feeling good because you are helping something awesome to happen. Private home dining is another service offered by us so if this is something you are interested in, drop us a line and lets talk party!

If you made it this far, well done. You have just experienced one of my epic brain dumps, thanks for listening! x


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