Saturday Kitchen Takeover @BluebirdCafeNG5 This Week’s Menu 29th November 12-3

Hooray! Kitchen Takeover Day is upon us! We’re very excited to be cooking up vegetarian and vegan deliciousness in the gorgeous Bluebird Cafe on Sherwood High Street 12-3, treat your’sen you know you want to!

Kitchen Takeover at The Bluebird Café
Menu 29th November 2014

Sweetcorn Chowder (VG, GF) £3.50
Daal & Rice (VG, GF) £4.00
Pepper Frittata (served with a seasonal salad) £4.50 (D,GF)
Huevos Rancheros £4.50 (Mexican breakfast, eggs sizzled with a sassy salsa, served on a tortilla (D)
Cauliflower Tabbouleh £4.50 (made using cauliflower ‘rice’, a refreshing raw salad packing vitamins and minerals! Served with beetroot hummus) (VG, GF)

Something Sweet
Vegan Jaffa Cake £1.50 (VG)
Berry Nutty Fool £2.50 (raw, VG)
Peanut Butter Pie (raw and devilishly tasty!) £3.50 (VG, GF)

D = dairy
VG = vegan
GF = gluten free