Beccy’s Global Kitchen @CityArtsNotts Craft Fair and Exhibition Open Today 10-Dec 11.00-19.30


Beccy’s Global Kitchen is having a wonderful time at The Craft Fair and Exhibition on at City Arts in Hockley it’s a fantastic space to be in and it makes me happy cooking there 🙂

There are some beautiful pieces available to buy for unique Christmas presents by Nottingham makers Boston Built Sarah Manton Corrina Rothwell Emily Aves come and have a browse, mull over whether your mother will adore that beautiful piece of glass with a cup of tea and cake. Low pressure, low stress Christmas shopping! Oh yeah we’re packing free WIFI too so you can Facebook your friends about how fabulous it is here!

Today’s Menu

Spicy Black Bean Soup (VE, gluten free bread available, please ask) £3.00
Pasta Smothered in a Garlic, Green Olive and Cream Sauce (D) £4.00
Smokey Southwest Stuffed Peppers with Salad (VE, GF) £4.50

Appley-Oaty Cake £1.50 (VE)
Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cupcake £2.00 (D, GF)
Peanut Butter Pie (VE,GF) £2.50

D = Dairy
VE = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free