Beccy’s Global Kitchen @CityArtsNotts Craft Fair and Exhibition Open Today 21-Dec 11.00-18.00

 City Arts is based 11-13 Hockley, near Desi Downtown and the Ice Stadiums MAP

Today’s Menu

Roasted Parsnip Soup £3.00 (VG, GF bread available, please ask)
Hummus, Olives and Salad Served with Pitta Bread £4.00 (VG, GF bread available please ask)
Daal and Chapatti (VG) £4.00
Tofu-lo Strips and Salad (Seasoned Crispy Tofu in a hot hot sauce!) (VG) £4.50

Something Sweet

Chocolate Cake £2.00 (VG)
Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake £2.50 (D, GF)
Chocolate Chia Pudding £3 (VG, RAW, GF)
Mulled Cider Poached Apple and Brandy Cream £3.50 (VG, GF)

D = dairy
VG = vegan
GF = gluten free


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