Beccy’s Global Kitchen @CityArtsNotts and @SneintonMarket #lightnightnotts 6th Feb 17.00-22.00

 City Arts is based 11-13 Hockley, near Desi Downtown and the Ice Stadiums MAP
Sneinton Market is just a little further down the road

Light Night is upon us! There are a whole host of awesome things happening all over the city but in our humble opinion City Arts and Sneinton Market are where it’s at!

Down Sneinton Market there will be a FREE Roller Disco (yes free!) A giant LED octopus, animated portrait projections, live music and performances, tasty burgers crafted from locally sourced produce, that Nottingham perennial mushy peas, pulled pork and warm-you-up, hug-in-your-tum veggie delights (courtesy of us!) Mulled apple juice, the Sneinton and St Anns Lantern Parade. Plus a bustling night market selling crafts, jewellery, street wear, crafts and accessories.

If you are feeling chilly after feasting your senses on those delights then take a stroll up the road and find sanctuary in City Arts, grab a coffee or some food and listen to sea shanties sang live for your listening pleasure and take in work by Artist Graham who has created a series of silhouette animations will be shown in a number of Hockley shop fronts, including City Arts, leading you through Hockley and down to Sneinton Market. The short looping animations tell stories influenced by the areas history, from the ancient and long forgotten Sneinton Maze, to more up to date representations of the people, place and area.

If that isn’t enough there will be a second opportunity to view the Young Producer’s installation when City Arts opens for Light Night. The exhibition features a new art installation devised and created by the young artists that make up City Arts’ Young Producers, in collaboration with participants of City Arts’ Express Yourself programme. Young people teamed up with local graffiti artist Nathan Bainbridge to produce the piece. The installation is a stylised and imaginative model of a modern city-scape, inspired by the architecture of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

Today’s Menu

Hot Dogs £2.00 (D)
*Sweetcorn Chowder (VG, GF bread is available please ask) £3.00
Daal and Rice (VG, GF) £4.00
*Tofu-lo Strips and Salad (Season Crispy Tofu Strips in a hot hot sauce!) (VG, GF bread is available please ask) £4.50

Something Sweet?
Sinfully Sticky Chocolate Cake (VG) £2.00

 * Available at City Arts Cafe only


D = dairy
VG = vegan
GF = gluten free


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