1950’s Themed Market, Heritage Lottery Project Launch and Us @sneintonmarket Tomorrow from 10am!!

Ahh back to where it all started!

Down Hockley The Way To Sneinton Maket!

1950's Themed Market and Heritage Project Launch

Two and a bit years ago after leaving my job with no plan B after a chance e-mail from Wendy (who manages the market) looking for a caterer to provide food on the market, I thought ‘I like food, in a previous life I had been a chef so why not?!’ Fast forward through the tears, tantrums, sleepless nights and heartache (it has also been immensely rewarding and I wouldn’t go back to an office job now if I was offered a million pounds!) We are so pleased to hear that Sneinton Community Traders have been awarded a lottery grant to archive the rich history of the market, going back to 1860 didn’t you know?! As all good news should be celebrated with a party (at the very least a cuppa tea!) There is going to be an awesome 1950’s themed market tomorrow from 10am. Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be ( a song from the 50’s and a phrase heard so often down the market, they couldn’t call it anything else!)

We will be there selling Nottingham’s traditional favourite staple mushy peas and mint sauce, plus 50’s recipe inspired cakes and traditional lemonade. An unconventional mix I agree, but we’re not ones for conforming! Plus there will be a fine selection of vintage clothes, accessories and jewellery to peruse, delicious authentic wood-fired pizza from The Awesome Rustic Crust, Lindyhop Dance Workshops, Hula Hoops! Traditional street games, a 50’s style canteen, get creative with  workshops in haberdashery/needlework led by Joy Killowe, and a chance to learn about the project and find out how you can get involved.

The market opens at 10am, the official launch at 11.30 presided over by Margaret, one of Sneinton Market’s longest standing traders who will regale us with her tales and workshops will be running throughout the day.

See you there!


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