Beccy’s Global Kitchen @CityArtsNotts Craft Fair and Exhibition Open Today 05-Dec 10.00-17.00

The lovely Fred  will be looking after you today as I’ve had to hot foot it to the vegan food market I done gone and organised on Sneinton  Market Square pop by and say hello on your way into or out of town, we have a smorgasbord  of tasty vegan food offerings for you to enjoy!

Last chance to sample his particular menu at Beccy’s Global Kitchen Pop-up in City Arts, next week may be a bit of a Mexican love in, because man that food is damn fine and scoffable

 City Arts is based 11-13 Hockley, near Desi Downtown and the Ice Stadium.

Today’s Menu

  • Hummus, Olives and Bread £3.50 (VG, GF Bread is available, please ask)

  • Vegan Laksa Soup with Rice Noodles (salaciously spicy!) £4.50 (VG, GF)

  • Mushroom Banh Mi (a Vietnamese style badass sandwich!) £4.50 (VG, GF bread is available, please ask)

  • Chick Pea Chat Masala,Chapatti and Salad  £5.00 (VG, GF Bread is available, please ask)

    • Polenta Toasts Topped With Delicious Melting Stilton, Mushrooms and Salad £6 (D, GF)

      Sweet Treats

  • Jaffa Cake (VG) £1.50

  • Granola Bar (VG, N) £2.00

D = Made with Diary Products
VG = Vegan
GF – Gluten Free
N – Contains Nuts

*****Allergen info******

All food is prepared in an environment where allergens may be present, if you have a specific query please ask and we will be happy to help.


D = dairy
VG = vegan
GF = gluten free


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