Bulwell Forest Garden Lunch Club Today 11.00-13.00 FREE!

 Bulwell Forest Garden Lunch Club Today 11.00-13.00 FREE!

The sun is shining and the gardens are abundant with delicious crops so come see us! Bulwell Forest Garden Lunch Club will be dishing up Thai Curry Style Soup with Rice and Salad, followed by Lemon Cake with Buttercream and Mixed Berry Compote. Super tasty and all awesomely vegan. If you like to work up an appetite before you eat please do join us at 11.00 to have a go at gardening or help out with the harvesting and cooking. OR if you are looking to take it a little easy this Friday are warmly invited tous for scoffs and a natter from 12.30. Looking forward to seeing you lovely people. 🙂

(If you’re popping down please also be mindful of our lovely neighbours, If you can walk, skate or run down (build an appetitive). If you do need to bring the car, please try not to park across the driveways of the houses close to the garden. Thank you lovely ones)!

Bulwell Forest Garden Yoga+Lunch A5 PROOF1


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