Bulwell Forest Garden Lunch Club Today 11.00-13.00 FREE!

 Bulwell Forest Garden Lunch Club Today 11.00-13.00 FREE!

The arrival of autumn brings an abundance of pumpkins! Best prepared, I think, by chopping them up and roasting so you can scoop out the tasty flesh. This takes some of the hard work out of it and rewards you with deiciousness.

On the menu today is spicy pumpkin stew with rice and coconut and cherry flapjack. Most ingredients are fresh from the garden, cooked up with love and served up in a beautiful and very social setting. Oh yes the food is VEGAN!

Lunch is served from 12.30 and if you fancy working up an appetite we always welcome your help with harvesting, chopping and gardening from 11am. We will also be getting ready for Bulwell’s Forest Garden’s Harvest Festival (Saturday 17th September 12-3) so there is lots to do.! Or if you are feeling the need to relax after a busy week you are warmly invited to come and socially eat with us.

You can find Bulwell Forest Garden’s entrance next to 113 Austin Street.

(If you’re popping down please also be mindful of our lovely neighbours, If you can, catch the bus or walk, skate or run down. If you do need to bring the car, please try not to park across the driveways of the houses close to the garden. Thank you lovely ones)!

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