National Justice Museum, Lunch Club, Vegan Market!

Hello! It has been a real long time since I nattered to you. A lot has been going on! I’ve been a bit reluctant to talk about it all because so often I’ve come close to an opportunity working out only to victory snatched from my grasp, however a month into the partnership it maybe time to accept it is happening and everything is fine! I’ve partnered up with the awe-inspiring Jill Carter and Pulp Friction (who work with and train young adults with learning difficulties, absolutely wicked project, check them out and give them props), to form The Wing It Sisters! We are running the café in The National Justice Museum (formally Galleries of Justice). So come in and check us out. I think our soy cappuccino/latte is one of the best, our cakes are vegan and bring all the boys to the yard and our members are all wonderful people waiting to impress you with their skills.

Lunch Club is back!

Bulwell Forest Garden is out of winter hibernation and each week new plants are poking their heads out of the soil and growing towards the sun. The Sensory Garden is looking stunning and it is such a pleasure to spend time in a beautiful relaxing space in the midst of the urban jungle. Come along from 11 to get involved in preparing the food and meet other lunch club crew members (they are all diamonds). Lunch from 12ish, this week we are experimenting with making Mexican bean chard wraps and there is a plum and almond tart for dessert. All vegan, some ingredients freshly harvested today and all tasting like win! Access the garden via Austin Street map

Nottingham’s Monthly Vegan Market

You may or may not know that I am part of the crew that organises this monthly market on Sneinton Market Square. It started off as a suggestion I  made in a meeting and has grown into a fabulous friendly community of traders and visitors. A great social shopping experience and OH EM GEE the food! Many of us know that vegan food has come on in leaps and bounds and this market, I think, showcases some of the best that there is on offer. This month we are going a little off piste and having a fringe festival event to the ever Awesome Viva Vegan Festival. Punk 4 The Homeless have curated an acoustic music stage, there are lots of new traders for you to meet and I will be dusting off my best trader banter to serve up Notdogs, The A.L.T and Tofu-lo Strips, plus running a bar serving up Nottingham Blue Barrel Cider, a community led initiative that produces CAMRA award winning cider and supports Summerwood Community Gardens. Come down and party with us!