Lunch Club Today in Bulwell Forest Garden! Party Success!

Lunch Club today from 11am!

It may be raining but lunch club keeps calm and carries on cooking, ha ha! Bring a mac, a smile and a story or two. The gardens are just as beautiful in the rain and the food will warm your soul! This week we have been blessed with spinach, radish, herbs and rhubarb so lunch will be spinach and potato curry followed by rhubarb with coconut yoghurt and pistachios.  Please join us from 11 to hang out and get stuck in with preparing lunch if you can, lunch club is about good food and building community so without you lovely lot it’s nothing. Lunch club is free but if you are able to donate then the money goes towards growing more delicious produce for us to enjoy!  Bulwell Forest Garden  map

Party Success!

Last Saturday I catered for a birthday party serving up a middle eastern inspired platter for 40 guests. The feedback (see below) I received made my heart smile and confirms that vegan food is just good food, nothing to be scared off and can taste bleddy amazing!

“Thanks ever so much, the food went down really well. And there was loads there and people went for seconds. Someone did say ‘But I thought vegan food was really dull??’ Hahah, you showed ’em!!
It was a great night all round, and it was great to share such lovely food with people”.