Reviews of Beccy’s Global Kitchen

Here is what some of our lovely customers had to say about Beccy’s Global Kitchen :0)

“Thanks ever so much, the food went down really well. And there was loads there and people went for seconds. Someone did say ‘But I thought vegan food was really dull??’ Hahah, you showed ’em!!
It was a great night all round, and it was great to share such lovely food with people”.

CS Birthday Party 13-May-17

I hired a youth hostel and wanted some food for an informal dinner party for my 40th birthday party, and Beccy totally delivered all I wanted and more.
The party included friends with many food needs, some vege, vegan, gluten or dairy free, but also some like me an omnivorous & allergy free, so to be environmentally minded and to provide good food for all, I went vege, some vegan, some gluten free.
I am happy to report that confirmed steak munchers and allergy sufferers alike were delighted as they were treated to an amazing hot and cold meze feast.
Beccy had achieved one menu that managed to juggle all my friends dietary needs, which are varied to say the least, with not one complaint, well done Beccy you achieved what I thought was impossible.
I also just have to mention the trio of deserts too, they reached parts no desert reached before, I felt so good about eating such pure naughty food.
I can not recommend her work highly enough.
Hayley – event catering client 18th-Nov-16

Thanks once again for your Scrumptious food and Super service
Turtle Lodge Healing – Weekend Retreat Client 29-Jul-16

Having sampled Beccy’s vegetarian delights before I was excited to have her come to my home to cater a 3 course meal for 6.  Pre-ordered choices included a refreshing aperitif, roasted tomato soup, a mushroom bourguignon (which I have tried and failed to reproduce) and chocolate and honeycomb desert.  Beautifully cooked, presented and served with Beccy’s trademark smile there were empty plates and full bellies at the end of the evening (and Beccy did all the washing up!).  I am a happy carnivore but I challenge anyone not to enjoy Beccy’s creations so keep an eye out as she pops up all over Nottingham.
Beverley Private Dining Client 14-Feb-15

The food was delicious.
Locality (meeting buffet) 27-Oct-14

Thanks so much for the lovely meal you made for us; everyone really enjoyed the food. So good to show people that vegan food’s great! Thanks to your friend too for being our posh waiter 🙂
Nikki Waite Private Dining Hen Party 29-Aug-14

And very gorgeous it was too! And so say our 70 guests xxx
Rachel and Mark’s Wedding 15-Aug-14

The brownies were spectacularly good and much enjoyed.
Windmill Gardens 27-Mar-14

Thank you for providing 60 pizzas (yes, 60!) for our open evening yesterday Beccy – they soon disappeared!
Jill Carter, Pulp Friction, 27-Mar-14

Thank you so much – you’ve provided LeftLion with the required nutrition to finish off Issue 58. xx
Leftlion 22-Mar-14

Dear Beccy, I am just writing to thank you again for your participation in Global Week 2014. Your food was a big hit and we hope to have you back again next year.
Nottingham Trent University 14th-Mar-14

Great for veggie and vegans (and everyone in fact!). I tried 2 of the dishes and both were fantastic. I highly recommend it. It’s healthy, good value, fresh food, with a warm, friendly atmosphere. Will be back 🙂
Gina 12-Mar-14

mmmm! Beccy shared her love of food with our students during the Nottingham Trent University Global Week on Clifton Campus in last week. As soon as word got around you had to be quick. I shall be visiting soon!
Beverley 8th-Mar-14

Beccy is a fantastic cook, always delicious food and well worth a visit.
Sue 1st-Mar-14

I love this little restaurant/cafe. Beccy (the cook and owner) is lovely. The food is all freshly made from quality ingredients. Veggie or vegan. Highly recommend it.
rowansilverbreeze 24th-Feb-14

Delicious food! One of those occasions where I wish I had a second stomach like some sort of bovine, so I could have eaten everything on the menu – great spot too -and a treat to have such lovely veggie food at an actually sane price. Warm, welcoming and very stylish, highly recommended .
Siobhan 15th-Feb-14

‘This evening I enjoyed an array of nutritious comfort foods at Beccy’s, including rich potato & cheddar soup, stuffed potato skin cooked just right, and a delicious salad dressed with garlic & lemon infused oil. Then dessert of sumptuous rum truffle AND a rose & cardamom chocolate heart surprise, just in time for Valentine’s day!
I ❤ Beccy’s Global Kitchen.. and Beccy’
Nell – repeat offender! 12th-Feb-14

‘Always lovely vegan food and lovely staff. Well worth a visit’.
Anne 11th-Feb-14

‘Would encourage anyone and everyone to go to this place. After countless expensive and disappointing meals out in in Nottingham, Beccy’s place was a welcome find. Despite not being a vegetarian myself her food was fantastic and I hope to visit again and again.’
Wes 27th-Nov-13

‘Lovely, quaint and quiet. Great chef, tasty food and lovely smoothies, will be back. The salad I had was fantastic!’
Amy 27th Nov-13

‘I was hungry and in a hurry so I nipped into Beccy’s Global Kitchen last night for a quick, wholesome snack. I felt welcomed by the bright surroundings of her little café and tucked into a slice of Provençal Tart with its buttery pastry creating a bed for deliciously sweet caramelised onions.

I had to make time for one of Beccy’s desserts, because Beccy does dessert. The divine Chocolate Torte had such depth of flavour I thought it was subtly spiced with chai and, as I groaned with food-sex pleasure, Beccy informed me that it was mocha – my favourite – with a melting velvety texture. Overall a delicious, nutritious meal at an affordable price served by a friendly lady.

I would highly recommend Beccy’s Global Kitchen for anyone who loves good quality food; hearty vegetarian choices, and come-hither desserts.’
Nell 20th-Nov-13


One thought on “Reviews of Beccy’s Global Kitchen

  1. mmmm! Beccy shared her love of food with our students during the Nottingham Trent University Global Week on Clifton Campus in last week. As soon as word got around you had to be quick. I shall be visiting soon!


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